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Maternity Welfare Center

Maternity Welfare Center

LELEKA Maternity Welfare Center pays special attention and care to women's health, uses highly effective and painless methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases, preserving the reproductive function of women.

LELEKA Maternity Welfare Center

Care of high risk pregnancy
Care of high risk pregnancy
Women's health issues diagnosis and treatment
Women's health issues diagnosis and treatment
Prevention of gynecologic disorders in women
Prevention of gynecologic disorders in women
Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care at LELEKA Maternity Hospital is a comprehensive health care for expectant mothers and their babies, professional approach and caring attitude at any stage of pregnancy.

- Care of high risk pregnancy;
- Your individual risk calculation of chromosome abnormalities in the fetus;
- Fetal karyotyping and tests for genetic abnormalities using non-invasive and invasive techniques if an increased risk of fetal chromosomal abnormalities occurs;
- Fetal monitoring using telemetry (fetal ECG remote recording and analysis for assessing fetal cardiac function);
- Helpful training classes at the Responsible Parenthood School;
- Consultations provided by the staff of LELEKA Department of Obstetrics and other specialists;

Prenatal care packages

Prenatal care packages

LELEKA Maternity Hospital has developed prenatal care packages

Our programs have been developed for women between 6 and 28 weeks of pregnancy and conform to the main standards and guidelines of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Health Organization (WHO), and experience and recommendations of the world`s best fertility specialists, obstetrician-gynecologists, geneticists, psychologists.
Choosing one of the prenatal care programs, you will be under the specialist supervision throughout your entire pregnancy. At the consultation, an obstetrician-gynecologist will explain differences between the programs in detail and help to choose the optimal one taking into account your gestation period and physiological characteristics.

Direction of the doctor

Your doctor sends you for examination using instrumental methods and laboratory tests, if required, to see narrowly specialized doctors; he manages your pregnancy to avoid risks during pregnancy and childbirth. Patients, who receive their prenatal care in LELEKA Maternity Hospital, get a discount on birth services packages. For more information, see Prices section.

Prenatal Care Programs

Discount policy

upto 20% off for Delivery Packages

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When did LELEKA Maternity Hospital open?

On December 12, 2016, LELEKA Maternity Welfare Center opened.
On December 19, 2016, LELEKA Obstetric Department opened.
Department of Gynecologic Surgery has been successfully operating since January 2017.

What is promotional discount?


Foreign patients, who are observed in Clinic of Reproductive Medicine "Nadiya" have discounts on medical care in the Leleka Maternity Hospital. Yo may get more information in call-centre of our Hospital.

How to register for prenatal care at LELEKA Maternity Hospital?

The best option is to book an appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist of LELEKA Maternity Hospital. After consultation, our obstetrician-gynecologist can recommend you one of the prenatal care packages. When you pay for a prenatal care package, the consultation will be included in the cost of any package.

If you have any questions, please call us:
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