Video | Media-center | Leleka
Video | Media-center | Leleka
A tour of the Leleka Surgery Center with Valentina Khamayko

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How to lose weight by 54 kg in a year? Feedback from a patient who underwent laparoscopic gastric bypass in Leleka
Лілія Ребрик про свої другі пологи в Лелеці: "Це так важливо, коли є місце куди хочеться повернутися"
Open day for childbirth in "Leleka" - how does it happen?
Confirmation of JCI standards in Leleka 2024 MC
Happiness weighing 700 grams — how premature babies are saved in the "Leleka" Maternity Hospital
Tatyana Parfilieva about giving birth in "Leleka": "We will definitely return here for the second one"
Svitlana Tarabarova: "I was lucky to become a mother three times, and Leleka was with us three times"
  • Video | Media-center | Leleka
  • Video | Media-center | Leleka

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