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Questions and Answers

Which specialists carry out prenatal diagnostics at the LELEKA Maternity Hospital?

In the LELEKA Maternity Hospital, prenatal fetal diagnostics is carried out by accredited specialists in ultrasound diagnostics and obstetrician-gynecologists in accordance with the international standards of The Fetal Medicine Foundation. They have confirmed their knowledge in practice and collected a certificate that gives them the right to use the best programs for calculating the risk of possible anomalies in the first trimester, in particular the ASTRAYA program;

What are the benefits of prenatal care in the LELEKA Maternity Welfare Centers?

Your benefits of prenatal care in the LELEKA Maternity Welfare Centers:

 - Pregnancy insurance program for the first and second trimesters which covers preterm delivery and other possible risks

 - Prenatal care of any complexity

 - Modern prenatal diagnostics carried out by accredited specialists in ultrasound diagnostics, obstetrician-gynecologists in accordance with the international standards of The Fetal Medicine Foundation. They annually confirm their knowledge in practice and collect a certificate that gives them the right to use the best programs for calculating the risk of possible fetal anomalies in the first trimester, in particular the ASTRAYA program

 - Possibility of continuous monitoring and examination of pregnant women with a high degree of risk regardless of their location using the innovative Sense4baby device

 - Free and healthy breakfasts in our restaurant for every pregnant woman following the laboratory tests that should be carried out fasted

 - Stay in a day hospital (the number of days depends on your package)

 - Online parenting school

- Loyal discount policy for the patients of the LELEKA Maternity Hospital who are planning to conclude a prenatal care contract

 - Patient online account, where you can make an appointment, track your test results, etc.

How early can you sign the contract for birth services at LELEKA Maternity Hospital?

For patients who receive prenatal care at LELEKA Maternity Hospital, the contract can be signed after the 22nd week of pregnancy. For patients who are registered for prenatal care at other healthcare facility, the contract can be signed after 34 weeks of pregnancy and after prenatal tests and examinations at LELEKA Maternity Hospital. Prenatal tests and examinations will be included in the cost of birth services package.

What documents are required when signing the contract for birth services?

When signing the contract, the following documents will be required:

  •  passport;
  • identification code;
  • prenatal record.

What is internal “hospital only” health insurance plan at LELEKA Maternity Hospital?

Whatever birth services package you choose, its cost includes medical risk insurance plan. If medical indications exist, caesarean section, stay of a newborn in the neonatal intensive care unit during the neonatal period (28 days), including all necessary medications for a mother and her baby is provided.

Can I choose the mode of delivery at LELEKA Maternity Hospital?

The decision regarding mode of delivery (caesarean section or vaginal delivery) should be made exclusively by an obstetrician-gynecologist based on medical indications.

What should you bring to LELEKA Maternity Hospital for birth?

The cost of the package includes absolutely everything that is necessary for birth and stay with a baby at our maternity hospital after birth. All the details are in the Childbirth section. We recommend you to bring only:

  • passport;
  • your and your baby`s own clothing.

What is the difference between hospital rooms?

The rooms only differ in size and living space. Healthcare services are equally high and provided in a full range.

Is there any restaurant in LELEKA Maternity Hospital?

Yes, we have a restaurant that offers healthy meals to all our inpatients, and also operates as a normal restaurant every day from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. Restaurant menu you can find at:

  • Main Menu
  • Breakfast Menu
  • Dessert Menu

How many days a mother and her baby stay at LELEKA Maternity Hospital?

Three days after vaginal delivery and four days after cesarean section.
A newborn infant (infants) with gestational age between 22 and 34 weeks and more who needs intensive medical attention obtains the full range of intensive care and stays for 28 days in the intensive care unit. Further treatment requires his transfer to a specialized healthcare facility for the second stage of the developmental care.
Under the contract the mother of such newborn infant can stay in the maternity hospital for up to 10 days after birth, her further stay is possible only if vacant rooms are available and for an additional charge.

What vaccines does a newborn infant receive at LELEKA Maternity Hospital?

Hepatitis B /BCG vaccines (if a mother provides her written informed consent).

What diagnostic tests do newborns undergo after birth?

Each newborn at LELEKA Maternity Hospital undergoes the following tests:

  • Expanded genetic screening for 26 inherited metabolic disorders
  • Early detection of critical congenital heart diseases (pulse oximetry screening) and echocardiogram
  • Audiologic screening for early detection of hearing impairment.

What test results should your husband have to be present at birth?

Only fluorography results.

Does LELEKA Maternity Hospital have a telephone health advice line available 24 hours a day?

LELEKA Maternity Hospital has a 24-hour telephone support service.

What pain relief options are available during childbirth?

Our doctors administer epidural and combined spinal/epidural anesthesia. These types of anesthesia allow the mother to participate actively in the birth and remain conscious, and provide maximum comfort to the woman with minimal effect on the fetus.

Is a birth certificate issued in the maternity hospital?

Birth certificate is issued by authorized body. Our maternity hospital assists new parents to receive the document during discharge from the hospital. In the case of surrogate motherhood, we work closely with the agency that sent a couple to ensure that the document is completed correctly.

Do you issue a prenatal record and a sick leave?

Maternity Welfare Center only issues a prenatal record; we do not issue sick leaves in the next few months due to the peculiarity of the Ukrainian Law. To get a sick leave, you can register for a prenatal care at the place of registration or at the clinic “Nadiya”, and then you will have the opportunity to sign the contract for birth services at LELEKA Maternity Hospital and get a promotional 15% off discount.

How is a pregnant woman transferred to the hospital?

Under the contract for birth services at LELEKA Maternity Hospital, a patient can use one time ambulance services to get to the maternity hospital. The service is provided by the maternity hospital itself or by the authorized ambulance crew of other medical centers (Dobrobut, Boris, Medikom, city first-aid station).

Do you offer IVF services?

LELEKA Maternity Hospital does not provide infertility treatment (IVF). You can contact the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine “Nadiya”, which is our partner clinic, or any other center for reproductive medicine.
Please note that patients who have been treated or received prenatal care at the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine “Nadiya”, will be given a 15% discount to all medical services at LELEKA Maternity Hospital provided that the payment is made after 1.04.2017.

Do you take cord blood samples?

At the request of a patient, after a baby is born and cutting the umbilical cord by medical personnel, cord blood (tissue, placenta) can be collected for further processing and banking in one of the cord blood storage facilities, with which the maternity hospital cooperates:

  • Hemafund;
  • Institute of Cellular Therapies.

The patient of LELEKA Maternity Hospital can choose only the above-mentioned facilities for collecting and banking of umbilical cord blood. This can guarantee the quality of services provided to a patient.

How to prepare for testing?

Prior to a blood donation, it is recommended to follow several general rules:

  • Do not eat fatty food a few hours before your blood test.
  • Shortly before the blood test, drink 1-2 cups of still water (it will reduce blood viscosity).
  • If possible, refuse to take medicine at least a day before the test.
  • If you carry on taking your medicine before having a blood test, this should be indicated in the blood test referrals.

To get correct test results (hormone blood tests), it is recommended to:

  • Identify the best days of menstrual cycle (or gestation period) for blood tests to measure follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), progesterone, estradiol, androstenedione, 17-hydroxyprogesterone, prolactin level, and specific markers: inhibin B and anti-Müllerian hormone.
  • It is necessary to indicate the menstrual phase or gestational age in the blood test referrals. This ensures accurate and reliable test results.

"Spot" urine tests:

  • On the day before testing (for 10-12 hours before), it is not recommended to use alcohol, spicy and salty foods, and foods that can change the color of your urine (for example: beets, carrots).
  • If possible, avoid the use of diuretics.
  • Thoroughly wash the external genital area before the test.
  • Test is not recommended for menstruating women.

If you haven't found an answer to your question, please choose the most convenient way for you to contact us:

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  • E-mail: info@leleka.com.ua
  • Call center: +380 44 390 34 44
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