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Women`s Preventive and Prenatal Care, Pechersk

Women`s Preventive and Prenatal Care, Pechersk

Women's health is the key to youth, beauty, self-confidence and unfading charm.
Life of a woman is associated with a variety of physiological changes at different life stages. Unfortunately, women do not always have enough knowledge about what happens to their bodies and how to preserve their health.

Women`s Preventive and Prenatal Care

Pregnancy care
Pregnancy care
Women's health problems and their solutions
Women's health problems and their solutions
Disease prevention in women
Disease prevention in women

Any woman can receive a high quality specialized medical consultation and necessary medical care in LELEKA Maternity Welfare Center.


Pregnancy Care

We will provide:

- High-risk pregnancy care
-Your individual risk calculation for chromosome abnormalities
- Fetal karyotyping and tests for genetic abnormalities using non-invasive and invasive methods if increased risk of fetal chromosomal abnormalities occurs
- Fetal telemetry (fetal ECG remote recording and analysis to assess the functional state)
- Training classes in the Responsible Parenthood School
- Consultations of LELEKA birthing unit staff and other specialists


Women's Health Problems and Their Solutions

Cervical Diseases

For diagnosis of cervical diseases, we use only high-class diagnostic tool, called photo/video colposcope, and we cooperate only with highly qualified cytology professionals. For treatment of some cervical diseases, we use up-to-date methods, called radio frequency treatment.

Genital Infections

Tests for infection are carried out in the laboratory that received international quality certificate. Treatment is prescribed in accordance with up-to-date standards.

Menstrual Disorders

We use the most advanced approaches in diagnosing and treating menstrual disorders.


Disease prevention in women

Endocrine disorders

We treat endocrine disorders in women of different age groups.


We deal with the problems associated with miscarriage and some types of infertility.

Printed products with useful tips

We prepare booklets, leaflets, and health diaries with useful health tips and advices.

Individual schedules of checkups

We provide preventive checkups developing individual schedules of follow-up checkups and recommended examinations and tests, which can identify some diseases before they occur.

Individually contraceptive method

We individually select contraceptive method for you, taking into account your wishes, skin characteristics, menstrual cycle and general health.


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