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Letter from the General Director

Our dear would-be patients and their many relatives,

It is my sincere pleasure to be able to address you and announce the opening of Leleka Maternity Hospital.

This House of Happiness where New Life will be coming into this world has been built for you. We built it step by step, with great excitement and thrill.

Realizing the entire responsibility, we invested all our knowledge, experience, and professionalism so that your babies come into this world healthy and that from the first second you feel real motherly happiness having warm memories of Leleka.

The maternity hospital was constructed during difficult times for Ukraine, but we believe that a country where maternity hospitals are opened has its future.

Children born in Leleka will already see the 22nd century. We very much hope that our new generation will live in a happy prosperous country and proudly think about our House of Happiness, where they were helped to come into this world.

Have a happy flight, Leleka!

Valery Zukin

Why Should You Choose LELEKA Maternity Hospital?

Let me answer this question honestly and sincerely.

You will agree that giving a birth is something more than just a day spending in the hospital. These are emotions because people come to a maternity hospital in expectation of happiness. You need guarantees, safety, and enhanced health care, in order that nothing marred this happiness.

LELEKA Maternity Hospital is the first healthcare facility in Ukraine that has launched its own internal “hospital only” health insurance plan, which covers obstetric and neonatal risks.
Starting its own internal “hospital only” health insurance plan makes it possible to ensure that the maternity hospital covers each patient's costs in the following cases:

Emergency cesarean section.
Medical care for infants with different disorders during neonatal period (28 days).
Stay and developmental care of a premature baby in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Postpartum rehabilitation.
Expanded biochemical newborn screening for every infant to detect 32 heritable disorders.
Diagnosis of congenital heart defects and newborn hearing screening in the first 48 hours after birth.
World-class healthcare services provided to a mother and her baby.

We believe that implementation of our world-class healthcare project in Ukraine will become a messenger of positive changes in the national healthcare system.


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