Modern private maternity hospital in Kiev - "Leleka"
Modern private maternity hospital in Kiev - "Leleka"
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Modern private maternity hospital in Kiev - "Leleka" Joint Commission International

Leleka Medical Center

is a place of care for the health of the whole family

Modern private maternity hospital in Kiev - "Leleka" Joint Commission International

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Modern private maternity hospital in Kiev - "Leleka"
"Leleka" — the golden standard for the quality of medical care

Maternity hospital "Leleka" has a reputation as a safe and affordable private hospital in Ukraine, and not only.

At all stages of the baby's birth, you will feel completely safe, because the Leleka maternity hospital is the only medical institution in Ukraine that has a Gold Medal of Quality from the Joint Commision International Accreditation Commission.

JCI accreditation is the golden standard of quality in healthcare around the world, so a medical institution that possesses it can proudly bear the title of the clinic with the most highly qualified medical care.

Modern private maternity hospital in Kiev - "Leleka" What does accreditation of the "Leleka" maternity hospital mean for the patients themselves:
  • Safety guarantee;
  • The quality of medical care that meets strict international standards;
  • Modern treatment method;
  • Effective management and clear circulation of information;
  • Highly qualified doctors and medical personnel;
  • Compliance with building and equipment safety requirements;
  • Rapid diagnosis and regular check-ups for alarming symptoms.

Birth count

We babies born 10919 kids

5660 boys
5259 girls


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Head of the obstetrics department. OB/GYN Experience 23 years Read more
Head of the department surgical. Board-certified surgeon of the highest qualification category Experience 24 years Read more
Head of the Pechersk Outpatient Consultative Department. OB/GYN Experience 21 years Read more
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Comprehensive support for women during pregnancy, qualified organization and support of childbirth is the main specialization of our maternity hospital, where all young mothers receive full medical care with an individual approach of doctors.

Every woman should understand that when choosing private maternity hospitals in Kiev, at such crucial moments in life, both for the mother and the baby, it is very important to pay attention to the most important thing, namely the standards of medical, epidemiological, psychological and physical safety. You can hear about the standards of the Leleka maternity hospital from the first mouth of the General Director Valery Dmitrievich Zukin, in an interview.

After all, you make your choice only once, which means that it is worth thinking about where, how and with whom, your baby can easily and reliably walk its path of birth.

The main mission of the private maternity hospital "Leleka" is always to meet the gold standard and to be the best example of an obstetric-gynecological and neonatological medical institution in Ukraine with its own training base for doctors.

Where always the main task remains — qualified assistance in the birth of a child and full care of patients.

We know that private maternity hospitals in Kiev do not always want to conduct pregnancy and childbirth in women with a high degree of risk, but for us this is not a "catastrophe" and we are ready to comprehensively support a woman and provide her and her baby with medical assistance, in any, even the most difficult and non-standard situation.

In the maternity hospital "Leleka":

The team of the "Leleka" maternity hospital comprehensively accompanies women, providing medical assistance with concomitant diseases at the stages of pregnancy planning, during pregnancy and after childbirth in the following areas:

Why choose the "Leleka" maternity hospital for childbirth:

Modern private maternity hospital in Kiev - "Leleka"
  • "Leleka" is the only hospital in Ukraine accredited by JCI — the gold standard of quality in healthcare worldwide;
  • Innovative equipment and a professional team of doctors;
  • Introduced health insurance for mothers and children, insurance against premature birth;
  • Extensive experience in managing childbirth of any degree of complexity;
  • Providing medical care on the principle of "all inclusive" — providing mother and baby with everything necessary during their stay in the hospital;
  • A modern department of intensive care and neonatal resuscitation at the level of maternity hospitals in Europe;
Modern private maternity hospital in Kiev - "Leleka"
  • Modern methods of pain relief during childbirth;
  • Cozy and comfortable delivery rooms with individual relax rooms;
  • Organization of partner childbirth;
  • Own laboratory that works 24/7;
  • 5 meals a day for patients from our own restaurant;
  • Possibility of registration of installments / payment by installments from Monobank;
  • Modern diagnostics of newborns in the first days of life;
  • Neonatal newborn screening for 42 metabolic diseases;
Modern private maternity hospital in Kiev - "Leleka"
  • Comfortable conditions of stay in the wards;
  • Calling an emergency ambulance for urgent hospitalization;
  • Location in the recreational area of Kiev (Pushcha-Voditsa);
  • Responsible parenting school;
  • Transparency of the cost of medical care with official payment of the bill to the cashier;
  • Formalization of a formal agreement with the specified duties and rights for both patients and a medical institution.
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  • Modern private maternity hospital in Kiev - "Leleka"
  • Modern private maternity hospital in Kiev - "Leleka"

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