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Pechersk Welfare Maternity Center

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Open Maternity Days Open Maternity Days
Open Maternity Days

21 april

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You want a baby - we are your best choice! You want a baby - we are your best choice!
You want a baby - we are your best choice! Learn More

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Gynecologic surgery

For a modern woman regular check-up appointment with her gynecologist is the key to inner harmony and well-being.


Childbirth in LELEKA Maternity hospital is: - maximal safety and comfort that help women feel the happiness of motherhood - the best start of New life!

Maternity Welfare Center

Any woman can receive a high quality specialized medical consultation and necessary medical care in LELEKA Maternity Welfare Center.

High risk pregnancy

LELEKA Maternity Hospital pays special attention to pregnant women who have the factors that can make their pregnancy high-risk, as well as to pregnant women who already have higher obstetric and neonatal risks.

Pregnancy Care

Prenatal care at LELEKA Maternity Hospital is a comprehensive health care for expectant mothers and their babies, professional approach and caring attitude at any stage of pregnancy.

Responsible Parenthood School

LELEKA Maternity Hospital invites all expectant mothers to attend Responsible Parenthood School. We are ready to share our knowledge and many interesting facts with you, to dispel myths, to help to understand the things that bother you.


We perform observation and monitoring and provide medical care to all newborns with various disorders, and to premature infants within neonatal period.

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Birth count

We babies born 1862 kids

972 boys
890 girls

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upto 20% off for Delivery Packages

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Happy father talks about the birth of children in "Leleka"
Happy father talks about the birth of children in "Leleka"

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Open days

June 30 Maternity Hospital "LELEKA" will open the doors for those who wish to get acquainted with us! Topic of the meeting:We will be acquainted closer with the...

Festival of Expectant Mothers

The maternity hospital "Leleka" invites you to the biggest event of this year - the festival for pregnant women #LelekaDay. We know that in the era of the...

LELEKA's patient feedback
LELEKA's patient feedback

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Newborn's hospital discharge ceremony from LELEKA MAternity Hospital
LELEKA Maternity Welfare Center in Pechersk opening