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Childbirth | Directions | Main page
Childbirth | Directions | Main page


You will agree that giving birth to a baby is something more than just a day spending in the hospital. These are emotions because people come to a maternity hospital in expectation of happiness. In order that nothing will destroy your happiness, you need guarantees, safety, and enhanced health care.

Childbirth | Directions | Main page

Innovative approaches, state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technologies used in gynecology, prenatal care, childbirth and care for newborns and mothers.

Childbirth | Directions | Main page
Guarantee of safety

Its own internal “hospital only” health insurance plan and health insurance policy that covers care services outside of the hospital health insurance plan.

Childbirth | Directions | Main page
Care 24/7

24 hours/day medical supervision and constant monitoring, medical care.


Transparency and compliance with price conditions stated in the contract is the main principle of the maternity hospital

Patient makes a single payment in the amount stated in the contract with no copay.

Maximum safety of a pregnant woman during her entire pregnancy

Women who received their prenatal care at LELEKA Maternity Hospital or at the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine “Nadiya”, have the opportunity to sign the contract for birth services after 22 weeks pregnant that ensures maximum safety of a pregnant woman during her entire pregnancy at LELEKA Maternity Hospital. In case of unforeseen circumstances, we cover the costs of developmental care and provide newborn babies with medications.

Contract for birth services

If you receive your prenatal care at other healthcare facilities, but wish to give birth at LELEKA Maternity Hospital, the contract for birth services is signed after 32 weeks of gestation. To sign the contract for birth services, a woman should submit her passport, identification code and prenatal record.


Prenatal Period

Individual birth plan

Before signing the contract for birth services, a pregnant woman has mandatory consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist for making a birth plan. To avoid risks, the doctor may order an ultrasound, fetal monitoring or laboratory tests for general assessment of the pregnant woman's health status.


If signs of labor occur, a pregnant woman should immediately go to the hospital. Ambulance services are provided under the contract, and a pregnant woman does not need to worry about her transfer.


LELEKA Maternity Hospital provides a pregnant woman with everything she needs for labor and delivery and hospital stay with her newborn baby after birth

Childbirth | Directions | Main page
Childbirth | Directions | Main page


Birth partner

Presence of family members or a birth partner during labor and birthis welcomed at LELEKA Maternity Hospital. A maximum of two support persons are allowed to be near a woman giving birth in the delivery room. Couples are recommended to attend childbirth preparation classes at the Responsible Parenthood School.

Independent childbirth

Taking into account a pregnant woman`s wish, and if there are no contraindications, a woman has vaginal breech birth.

A laboring woman is free to choose her own position for birth on the transformer bed.

To make the labor and delivery experience as comfortable as possible, anesthesiologists are ready to assist in the management of labor pain and to administer anesthesia. Our specialists use modern and safe anesthetic techniques in childbirth such as epidural and combined spinal-epidural anesthesia, which is included in the birth services package.

A team of physicians stays with a laboring woman in the delivery room performing all the necessary procedures to ensure safe and comfortable delivery. Physicians provide continuous support of a laboring woman, explain and advise how to focus on breathing that helps the labor progress more effectively.

When a baby is born, experienced neonatologists assess his health condition. LELEKA Maternity Hospital staff support breastfeeding, so a mother can latch her baby to the breast while she is still in the delivery room. In the first days after birth, newborn screening for detection of 26 genetic diseases, pulse oximetry and hearing screening is performed.

Postpartum Period

Supervision of  medical staff and baby care assistance

Later, mother and her baby stay in a comfortable postpartum ward where they are provided with everything they need including toiletries, medications, hospital patient clothing, and 4 meals a day. New mothers with their newborns are under 24-hour supervision of medical staff; get breastfeeding and baby care assistance.

Childbirth | Directions | Main page
Childbirth | Directions | Main page


Patients usually go home on the third day after normal vaginal birth, and on the fourth day after a caesarean section. 

Childbirth | Directions | Main page
Childbirth | Directions | Main page
Childbirth | Directions | Main page
Childbirth | Directions | Main page

After Discharge from the Hospital

Consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist

During the first 42 days after delivery, in case of health problems, a consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist of the maternity hospital is provided.



Safe motherhood is the basic principle of LELEKA Maternity Hospital that involves its own internal “hospital only” health insurance plan and health insurance policy that covers care services outside of the hospital health insurance plan.

“Hospital only” ” health insurance plan covers emergency cesarean section (еxcept birth service package Standart), medical care for infants up to 28 days after birth, mother`s stay with her preterm infant for 10 days, expanded newborn screening, postpartum rehabilitation, consultations of specialist doctors (pediatric cardiologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist and others), special care for premature infants.

Health insurance policy allows you to cover costs, if a mother or her newborn baby needs care services outside of the maternity hospital health insurance plan. Such serious problems as critical congenital heart defects, disorders of the respiratory system and central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract defects, anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract, genetic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities, sensorineural hearing loss and other severe diseases of newborns require specialized surgery.


Discount policy

upto 25% off for Delivery Packages

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Хочу выразить безмерную благодарность всему огромному коллективу Родильного дома "Лелека", а также, отметить работу и профессионализм доктора

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Безмежно вдячна за швидке реагування і правильне прийняття рішень в складних непередбачуваних випадках. Дуже добре ставлення та високий професіоналізм! Якщо народжувати, то тільки в "Лелеці"!

Childbirth | Directions | Main page
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Особлива подяка лікарю Овчаренко Світлані Олександрівні та акушерці Лесі за наших ангелочків. Дякуємо! Дякуємо! Дякуємо! Прийдемо ще до вас народжувати!

Childbirth | Directions | Main page
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Our price

At the Open Doors Day, we give discounts up to 10% on delivery packages!
Birth services packages Ordinary childbirth Standart Сomfort Lux VIP
  • Medical care
    Anesthesia in childbirth (at the request and consent of the patient) -
    Emergency cesarean section (without additional payment) - -
    External medical care risk insurance (expanded programm) - - -
    External medical care risk insurance (standard programm) - -
    Fence and transfer the cord blood and/or placenta of the deposit to another facility -
    High-quality medical services
    Hospital staying in High-Risk Pregnancy Unit, days (in case of medical indications) 1 3 3 5 7
    Initial Consultation obstetrician-gynecologist, subject to the conclusion of the contract labor
    Internal risk insurance medical care -
    med_help_f3 -
    med_help_fac_4 -
    Monitoring of physiological state of the fetus using Sense4Вaby device - - -
    Women's Health After Childbirth Program* - - - -
  • Дополнительные обследования по медицинским показаниям врача акушерского
    отделения «Лелека»
    Кардиотографии (КТГ) - - - 2 2
    Консультация терапевта - - - 1 1
    Повторные консультации акушера-гинеколога - 1 2 2 2
    Экспертное ультразвуковое исследование - - - 1 1
  • Newborn examination
    Expanded newborn screening for 42 inherited metabolic diseases - - -
    newborn_examination_fac_2 -+
    Newborn hearing screening for early detection of hearing loss in infants using otoacoustic emission -
    Pulse oximetry for early detection of critical congenital heart defects. -
    Standard newborn screening by state program* - -
  • Staying in the hospital
    4 meals a day
    Gourmet diet menu - - - -
    A nurse call button
    Additional personal care products for mothers and babies
    En-suite (toilet)
    Додаткове перебування після пологів у стаціонарі пологового будинку за медичними показаннями (для проділлі) оплачуються додатково до 5 діб до 7 діб до 7 діб до 7 діб
    In-room WiFi service
    In-room visits
    Improved bed
    Loxos changing station with a built-in sink and an anti-bacterial mattress
    Luxury design - - - -
    Mini-library - - -
    Number of rooms in the suite 1 1 1 2 2
    Number of TV-sets 1 1 1 2 2
    Room space area, m2 16 кв. м 16 кв. м 16 кв. м 27 кв. м 38 кв. м
    Round-the-clock stay of the partner in the room - - -
    Separate entrance in the department - - - -
    Special breastfeeding chair - - -
    stay_in_hospital_fac_3 -
    stay_in_hospital_fac_6 1/2 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3
  • Additional Services
    Beauty services for mothers before newborn's hospital discharge ceremony - - - -
    Dinner for parents - - - -
    First professional photo-shoot (additional payment) - - - - -
    Newborn's hospital discharge ceremony - -
    Newborn's hospital discharge ceremony filming (additional payment) - - - - -
    Training in the Responsible Parenthood School - 2 8 8 8
  • Footnotes

    In Ordinary childbirth package, Standard package, Comfort package,  includes standard external insurance program in case of medical risks. It is possible to purchase an additional program of external insurance - 1100 uah (discount does not apply to an insurance policy). When choosing the "Ordinary childbirth" package, an extended insurance program is possible, provided you pay extra for an additional day of stay.

    Additional medical examinations are not included in the cost of the "Ordinary childbirth" package. 

    "Ordinary childbirth" package is not foreseen the possibility of concluding this contract for multiple pregnancy and high-risk pregnancy.

If you have any questions, please call us:
(044) 390-34-44
  • Childbirth | Directions | Main page
  • Childbirth | Directions | Main page

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