Responsible Parenthood School | About us | Leleka
Responsible Parenthood School | About us | Leleka
Responsible Parenthood School | About us | Leleka

Responsible Parenthood School

LELEKA Maternity Hospital invites all expectant mothers to attend Responsible Parenthood School. We are ready to share our knowledge and many interesting facts with you, to dispel myths, to help to understand the things that bother you.

Workshop "Soft childbirth", part 1 - School of responsible parenting from "Storks"
Massage for babies - live recording
Healthy Pregnancy - Healthy Baby (8-24 weeks)

Pre-Birth Communication. How?

Stages of child development: from conception to birth and communication with him/her: month-by-month fetal development; how to communicate with the child before his/her birth; what haptonomy is; how to develop child's abilities before birth. The Miracle of Life (film).

Physiology and Psychology of Pregnancy - It's Interesting!

Body changes; particular psychological state; factors that affect the health; how to prevent pregnancy "problems"; art therapy and relaxation course.

Basic Principles of Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Food combinations; live vitamins; fluid and salt intake; healthy and harmful foods; prevention of anemia through diet.

Exercises for Pregnant Women.

Breathing exercises, yoga for pregnant women, pelvic floor exercises, relaxation.

Healthy Pregnancy - Healthy Baby (25-36 weeks)

A Baby's View of Birth

Birth as a holistic process, physiological and psychological factors of labor. Three stages of labor. A baby's view of birth. Characteristics of cesarean delivery.

Don't Be Scared of Contractions!

Skills to handle contractions: position, breathing, pain relief techniques, massage, the role of a birth partner.

A Birth Partner`s Support During Labor

Skills to manage labor: position, breathing, the role of a birth partner.

Consolidation of Acquired Skills.

Watching movies about childbirth. Characteristics.

Breastfeeding – Necessity and Modern Trend

Why breastfeeding is important for a baby and his mother; how to cope with the first influx of milk; good attachment; prevention and treatment of sore nipples; if breast milk supply is low, infant supplements and duration of breastfeeding.

Infant Care

Physiology of newborn babies, washing, hygiene, walking, bathing, massage, exercises, when you should see a doctor.

Developing Together With Your Child

Development of a child in the first years of life. How to create an appropriate learning environment for infants; criteria for selecting educational toys; how to develop hearing, sight, smell, taste, motor skills and social skills; games for the little ones.

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  • Responsible Parenthood School | About us | Leleka
  • Responsible Parenthood School | About us | Leleka

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