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Prenatal Care | Blog | Media-center | Leleka

Prenatal Care

A pregnancy to a woman is perhaps the most exciting time. It is quite clear that every expectant mother wants to receive reliable and high quality medical care and get maximum from the doctor consultation.

Prenatal Care That Can Meet Your Needs and Exceed Your Expectations

Prenatal clinic is a place, where an expectant mother receives maximum care and support during her pregnancy. Every pregnant woman has her own opinion on prenatal care that can meet her needs and exceed her expectations. Of course, everyone wants to hear the doctor's words: "Everything's going to be fine", "Your baby is completely healthy," "Your pregnancy is going well." At the same time, every woman wants to be sure that, if she or her unborn child face any problems, her prenatal care provider will be able to detect them in a timely manner, order all necessary tests and examinations, or, if required, refer to the next level of medical care (specialized department of the hospital, perinatal center, etc.). Therefore, the main requirement, when choosing prenatal clinic, should be body-certified specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, which allow a pregnant woman to have all necessary tests and examinations in the healthcare facility.
The following aspects should be also important:

  1. prenatal care providers should provide medical care at least within the framework of the protocols and orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which stipulate management of pregnancy.
  2. as a rule, highly experienced specialists recommend some tests, which currently are not provided for by the protocols, but are very important for prenatal care and can serve, as a source of additional information during a childbirth. If your doctor gives such recommendations, ask, why additional tests are ordered, and perform them for your peace of mind.
  3. a competent and board-certified doctor of the private prenatal clinic never humiliates a woman or makes derogatory remarks about her age, weight, or body type.
  4. a modern prenatal clinic should have all equipment necessary to assess maternal and fetal health status.
  5. possibility to pay officially for doctor`s services and all tests and examinations at the cashier's office in the clinic.

Where Can You Find a Good Prenatal Clinic?

Private prenatal clinics are usually located in the private hospitals and maternity hospitals, which provide a full range of services for pregnant women from prenatal registration and care to delivery itself. Prenatal care at the maternity hospital clinic is the most convenient option, as you can receive high quality medical care during pregnancy and later during delivery, provided by board-certified doctors. It is especially important, if a woman experiences complications during pregnancy. In this case, she can always be sure that her condition will not be a "surprise" for doctors of the maternity hospital, and those, who supported her during pregnancy, will stay with her.

How Early Can a Woman Register for Prenatal Care?

Ukrainian legislation recommendes to register for prenatal care after the 12th week of pregnancy. During prenatal registration a woman fills out necessary documents, gets recommendations about future tests and prenatal visits. The doctor should complete Form No.111/o ("Personal Health Record for Pregnant and Newly Delivered Women") and Form No.113/o ("Prenatal Record"). Prenatal Record should be handed directly to a pregnant woman during her prenatal registration. If a woman chooses a private prenatal care clinic, prior to register, she needs to find out, if the clinic can hand the Prenatal Record directly to her, and issue the documents required to provide sick leaves and maternity leave.

Date of publication: 05 October 2016 year
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Prenatal Care | Blog | Media-center | Leleka
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  • Prenatal Care | Blog | Media-center | Leleka
  • Prenatal Care | Blog | Media-center | Leleka

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