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Caesarean Section. Only If It Is Necessary

Most women want natural childbirth, but some pregnant women, who are so scared of the labor pain, that prefer cesarean delivery. Should doctors perform a cesarean section on maternal request?

Fear is Not a Medical Reason

It is true, that for some period C-section was in "fashion"; and such trend was observed in many developed countries of the world. Women preferred to give birth with the help of cesarean procedure due to fear of the natural labor pain.

However, as any surgery, cesarean section is associated with certain risks; it needs post-op recovery period, so, if there are no medical and obstetric circumstances, doctors do not recommend the surgery.

A planned caesarean delivery is performed, if any of the following conditions exist:

  1. multiple pregnancy;
  2. placenta previa or placental abruption;
  3. narrow pelvis;
  4. unsound scar on the uterus after previous caesarian section or other surgery;
  5. deformed pelvic bones, tumors, utero-vaginal abnormalities;
  6. increased fetal weight, transverse lie;
  7. severe forms of gestosis, cardiovascular diseases, cancerous tumors of any localization;
  8. risk of retinal tear and detachment during straining.

Medical and obstetric reasons for emergency caesarean delivery are as follows:

  1. labor does not progress after the waters have broken prematurely and failed induction, weak uterine contractions;
  2. fetal oxygen deprivation (intrauterine hypoxia);
  3. placental abruption and other reasons.

Often a cesarean section is performed due to a combination of factors. IVF is not a reason to have a caesarean birth! All cases that require a planned or emergency caesarean delivery are stipulated in the Order No.997 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated December 27, 2011. The clinical protocol of obstetric care "Caesarean Section".

What Type of Anesthesia is Used for Cesarean Section?

According to up-to-date standards, epidural anesthesia is used for cesareans. A woman is wide awake during the surgery and aware of everything. A baby after taking out of the womb is handed over to his father or any other close person, who may stay during the surgery (if there is no need to give a baby CPR).

Usually during 24 hours after surgery a woman stays in the postoperative unit, and then she is transferred to a postpartum room with her newborn baby. For a few days a woman takes pain medications and antibiotics. However, this is not a contraindication to breastfeeding. It is recommended to attach a baby to the breast as soon as possible after cesarean birth, usually after 24 hours.

As was already mentioned, a cesarean section involves some risks to the mother and the newborn. For a woman it is the risk of repeated surgery, likelihood of the next delivery via C-section, as well as such rare complications as bladder, urinary tract injuries and others. Quite naturally that immediately after surgery a woman complains of pain; a few months after the surgery 9% of new mothers experience a wound pain; there is a higher risk of bleeding and infection. C-section babies are at an increased risk of breathing problems (3.5%) and skin damage (2%).

At average, 12-27% of deliveries in the Ukrainian hospitals are caesarean section births with absolute or relative indications for the procedure. If a woman thinks that a caesarean section is the best way to avoid painful labor, a doctor can offer a safer solution, pain relief options for natural birth.

05 October 2016 year

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Caesarean Section. Only If It Is Necessary

Most women want natural childbirth, but some pregnant women, who are so scared of the labor pain, that prefer cesarean delivery. Should doctors perform a cesarean...

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