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Galyna Ovcharuk

Galyna Ovcharuk

Chief Midwife of the Maternity Hospital
Experience - 34 years
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1983 - Graduated from Kyiv Medical College No. 1, Specialty: Paramedic.

2015– Advanced training, P.I.Gavros Kyiv Medical College No.3, Health Protection Management Program.

2015 – Confirmation of the board-certified status in midwifery, Highest Category.

Work Experience

1983-1987 – Paramedic, Kyiv City Ambulance Station.

1987-1990 – Nurse, Newborn and Neonatal Care Department, Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 1 (KCMH No. 1).

1991-2007 – Senior Midwife, Postpartum Unit and High-Risk Pregnancy Unit, Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 1.

2007-2015 – Chief Midwife, Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 1.

2015-2016 – Nurse, Central Sterile Services Department and Department of Gynecology, Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 1.

Training Programs, Conferences, Workshops

2009 – Conference on Disinfection Management in Ukraine.

2016 – Conference on Clean Hospital

Professional Associations and Memberships

Council of Nurses

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