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Tetiana Chuchuenko

Tetiana Chuchuenko

Senior Midwife of the Maternity Welfare Center
Experience - 23 years
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1991–1994 –Makiyivka Medical College, Specialty: Midwifery.

1999 – Advanced training on Features of Care of Sick Children of Early Age.

2001 – Neonatal Primary Resuscitation Training Program.

2014 – Advanced training course on Midwives of Antenatal Clinics and Examination Rooms

Work Experience

1994–1994 – Nurse in the workshop, Road Clinical Hospital No. 2, Yasynovata Station.

1994-2003 – Maternity ward nurse, Yasynovata District Hospital.

2003–2004 – Nurse, Antenatal Clinic, Isida-IVF LLC.

2004 – Senior Nurse, Day-Stay and Outpatient Unit, Isida-IVF Medical Center.

2014–2016 – Midwife, Day-Stay Unit No.2, Isida-IVF Medical Center.

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