Pregnancy Planning | Directions | Leleka
Pregnancy Planning | Directions | Leleka
Pregnancy Planning | Directions | Leleka
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Pregnancy Planning | Directions | Leleka

Pregnancy Planning

Our first recommendations or essential steps to a healthy pregnancy: What should be done?

Schedule a preconception checkup. If you plan to get pregnant, visit your health care provider for a preconception consult. He will provide you with expert advice on choosing a healthy diet and reaching your healthy weight before becoming pregnant. If you have any diseases, your treatment should be adjusted before pregnancy. Your health care provider can discuss with you the risk of having a child with genetic disorders.


If you use ART to become pregnant, think about a number of embryos to implant. Multiple pregnancy increases the risk of premature delivery.


Register early in pregnancy. Prenatal visits will help your health care provider monitor your health and the growth of the fetus. You can always be referred to a specialist in a particular field, such as perinatologist, geneticist, pediatrician, etc.


Choose with your health care provider the appropriate pregnancy care package. For example, at LELEKA Maternity Hospital, in addition to the basic packages, the Maximal Care Package for prenatal care has been specially worked out for patients with factors that can add risk to their pregnancies. It is very important.


Maintain a healthy diet. When you are pregnant, you will need extra folic acid, calcium, iron and other vital nutrients. Taking prenatal vitamins daily will replenish your body`s supplies. If you have special health needs, such as diabetes, consult your health care provider before starting a diet.


Gain pregnancy weight wisely. Proper weight gain during pregnancy can keep your baby at a healthy weight and make losing your extra pounds after giving birth easier. Discuss the most suitable strategy with your health care provider.


Avoid harmful substances, they can increase a women's risk for problems during pregnancy. Do you smoke? Give it up! Alcohol and drugs are also prohibited. Consult your health care provider before you start or stop taking medications or food supplements.

Pregnancy Planning | Directions | Leleka

LELEKA Maternity Hospital has worked out the Pregnancy Planning. The First Step Into Motherhood - A Healthy Mother Package.

It includes:

  • Initial obstetrician-gynaecologist consultation including pelvic exam;
  • Pap smear screening;
  • Urogenital smear bacterioscopy;
  • Colposcopy with taking pictures;
  • Pelvic ultrasound;
  • Thyroid ultrasound;
  • Breast ultrasound;
  • Ultrasound of internal organs;
  • IgG rubella test;
  • Toxoplasma IgG test;
  • CMV IgG test;
  • PCR test for chlamydia;
  • PCR test for genital mycoplasma;
  • PCR test for trichomonas;
  • PCR test for gonorrhea;
  • Bacterial swab culture of urogenital discharge;
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH);
  • Prolactin level test;
  • Complete blood count;
  • Blood glucose test;
  • Ferritin blood test;
  • Thyroglobulin test;
  • Blood type and Rh factor test;
  • Test for hepatitis C virus (Total antibodies ELISA);
  • Test for hepatitis B virus (HBsAg);
  • Syphilis test (Treponema pallidum, total antibodies);
  • Follow-up obstetrician-gynaecologist consultation on checkup results;

The Pregnancy Planning. The First Step Into Motherhood - A Healthy Mother Package worked out at LELEKA Maternity Hospital will help you properly prepare for important periods of your life - carrying your baby and giving birth.

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  • Pregnancy Planning | Directions | Leleka
  • Pregnancy Planning | Directions | Leleka

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