Личный кабинет
Labor and Delivery Department

Labor and Delivery Department

All units are equipped with up-to-date specialized medical equipment and devices. Home-like environment is comfortable and convenient not only for the mother and her baby, but also for all family members.

Obstetrics services include

High-Risk Pregnancy Unit
High-Risk Pregnancy Unit
Birthing Unit
Birthing Unit
Postnatal Ward
Postnatal Ward

Around-the-clock patient care 

The units provide continuous, around-the-clock patient care by a highly-qualified staff (midwives, obstetricians and gynecologists, anesthesiologists, resuscitators, neonatologists).

Intensive care unit

Our adult intensive care unit, neonatal intensive care unit and operating rooms, so-called urgent services, provide reliable and effective care. They are located near birthing rooms and allow 24-hour professional emergency medical care depending on the situation.

Individual birthing rooms

Five individual birthing rooms with ensuite bathrooms are equipped with delivery transformer beds, cardiotocographies, other necessary medical equipment, tools and devices.

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Childbirth in LELEKA

Delivery with a partner

Delivery with a partner. Married couples are invited to attend childbirth education classes at Responsible Parenthood School available at the Maternity Welfare Center and High-Risk Pregnancy Unit and to learn what to expect during labor and childbirth. Couples can also receive consultations of medical staff during their stay in the maternity hospital.


Labor and birth position

A laboring woman is free to choose her own labor and birth position (on the transformer bed, birthing chair, lying on her side, and so on); upright position is welcomed.


Women with a uterine scar

Women with a uterine scar (after previous caesarean delivery) may be able to have a vaginal birth (in the absence of contraindications). Taking a pregnant woman`s wish into account, vaginal breech birth can take place (in the absence of contraindications).


Postpartum staff

Postpartum staff actively supports breastfeeding policy; around-the-clock rooming-in care is provided.


Discount policy

upto 20% off for Delivery Packages

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