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Prenatal Care Programs | Prices | Leleka

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During the open days we are giving discounts up to 10% on pregnancy management packages!

Monitoring pregnancy in the maternity hospital "Leleka" is a comprehensive supervision of the health of the mother and the unborn child, a professional approach and caring attitude at all stages of pregnancy.


 For the greatest comfort of patients in the maternity hospital "Leleka" package services for pregnancy monitoring have been developed depending on the term of pregnancy, physiological features of the body and medical indicators.


  The contents of packages meets the basic standards and recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the recommendations and experience of leading reproductive specialists, obstetricians, gynecologists, geneticists, psychologists around the world.


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The cost of pregnancy management packages is indicated in the national currency of Ukraine, taking into account the cost of the "Protected pregnancy" health insurance policy for single-fetal physiological pregnancy.


An obstetrician-gynecologist will help you choose the "Ambulant pregnancy monitoring" program and provide more detailed information during the consultation. If you observe pregnancy in the maternity hospital "Leleka"  or Maternity Welfare Center in Pechersk, you get special conditions for concluding a contract for childbirth.

  • Prenatal Care Programs | Prices | Leleka
  • Prenatal Care Programs | Prices | Leleka

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