About Leleka

LELEKA Maternity Hospital

It is a modern healthcare facility that provides a world-class high-quality specialized obstetrical, gynecological and neonatal services.

The maternity hospital custom designed and constructed in a picturesque part of Kiev, so-called Pushcha-Voditsa, in 2016, meets the requirements of up-to-date international standards applied to such facilities.

At present, we are preparing for international accreditation by the international agency.


The following six departments can be found in LELEKA Maternity Hospital:


Maternity Welfare Center


Labor and Delivery Department


Department of Gynecologic Surgery


Department of Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care


Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care


LELEKA Maternity Hospital has:

1New equipment, innovative approaches and state-of-the-art technologies used in gynecology, pregnancy care, obstetrics, postnatal care of mothers and newborns;

2High standard of staff professionalism;

3Choices for room types (the quality of care provided remains high regardless of the package type selected);

4Transparency of cost of services provided by the maternity hospital, including all medical care, meals, postpartum rehabilitation, lactation consultants, counseling and support after hospital discharge and hygienic items necessary for a mother and her baby. Cost of services also includes insurance protecting against unexpected circumstances (like an emergency cesarean section, need for resuscitation and intensive care, etc.);

5The maternity hospital allows simplification of bureaucratic procedure for delivery with the partner and continuous presence and support of a loved one during labor and childbirth;

6Developed infrastructure that includes its own restaurant with a summer terrace, discharge lounge, convenient car parking with EV charging services, Wi-Fi coverage throughout, a green recreation zone and home-like environment.


Labor and Delivery Care

1All birthing rooms are equipped with the state-of-the-art fetal monitors that enable fetal monitoring both during pregnancy and immediately before and during labor and delivery. First in Ukraine, in LELEKA Maternity Hospital remote fetal monitors are integrated into the central monitoring system, which makes it possible for a midwife to remotely monitor a fetal status and make essential decisions about choosing delivery tactics, even if she does stand alongside the pregnant woman.

2 Thanks to infant incubators with sophisticated monitoring systems, we can save lives even of those babies, who would be doomed otherwise. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is equipped with up-to-date medical equipment, and our specialists can make the most effective and sound decisions in emergencies.

3Expectant mothers can get specialized care in our High Risk Pregnancy Unit, where they have an opportunity to stay in the hospital until labor starts or their health improves. We also provide a possibility for pregnant women to stay in the recreation center (with family members if they wish), which allows combining family recreation in the forest with round-the-clock medical supervision of a pregnant woman in close proximity to the maternity hospital.

4 Department of Gynecologic Surgery performs procedures of different level of surgical complexity using up-to-date surgical equipment and devices. Operating, birthing and high-dependency rooms are equipped with laminar airflow system, which provides high indoor air quality. This is due to inflowing unidirectional sterile airflow within the work area that ensures the absence of solid particles that carry various microorganisms.

Infant Security

We were the first in Ukraine to introduce many technological innovations.

New for Ukraine, electronic infant security system: immediately after birth, the hospital put a special bracelet on the baby’s arm or leg. This bracelet activates an alarm and a door lock device, when there is an attempt of an infant's unauthorized removal from the maternal childcare unit. All mothers are offered to wear a special bracelet that makes breastfeeding of a wrong infant impossible.
(The above-mentioned electronic security system will be implemented in the near future).

State-of-the-art systems for early detection of diseases and pathological conditions. OtoRead hearing screening system makes it possible to provide a surgical treatment giving the baby a chance to hear. If the moment is lost, a baby can be handicapped for the rest of his life.

Instruments in LELEKA Maternity Hospital are sterilized under the control of the special computerized system that monitors the sterilization time.

In LELEKA Maternity Hospital, all records are kept in the electronic form and entered into the custom software. It guarantees the safety of every patient`s test and examination results. Only doctors responsible for the patient’s pregnancy and labor and delivery care have access to the database in which all specialists’ prescriptions and recommendations are recorded.

Each room in LELEKA Maternity Hospital is equipped with a nurse call system, which allows a woman to get necessary assistance quickly.

Our Contribution to the Future

On June 24, 2014, on the day of laying the foundation for the building, where new people are born today, its ideological inspirers, designers, investors, and staff members signed a time capsule letter, which was buried in the maternity hospital foundation. We called it the Temple of Human Life and we sincerely believe that children born here will live in the prosperous country. And the task of our obstetricians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, neonatologists, nurses, physiotherapists, and psychologists is to ensure that healthy babies come into this world, their mothers delight in communication with their newborn babies meeting them for the very first time, that they quickly return to their pre-pregnant fitness level and shape; and that they have only good memories of LELEKA, which “brought” them a baby, and have a real happiness of motherhood.