To provide maternal and infant health using modern technologies in obstetrics, gynecology and neonatology.



 – We believe that it is possible to earn patients' trust by providing high-quality care and excellent customer service.  


 – We use equipment, which guarantees safety of the mother and her baby during their hospital stay, and provide the most advanced obstetrical care available. 


 – One of our main demands to ourselves and our main goals is to provide the highest quality care and a high level of service. 


 – We use new equipment, introduce advanced technologies and apply innovative devices. 


 – We are not afraid to accept full responsibility for our actions. We are responsible for our work and for the results achieved. 


 – LELEKA Maternity Hospital has assembled a team of professionals with extensive experience and impeccable credentials in medicine. 

Humanity and High Moral Character

 – Ability to feel empathy and sympathy is as important as professional skills. This is one of the criteria by which we are evaluated by our patients. 


 – We respect the dignity and individuality of each of our patients; we appreciate and respect each member of our staff. 


 – We have created a favorable working environment based on corporate culture and ethics. Honesty and integrity govern all our actions that are related both to the staff as a whole and each member.


To be the best facility in Ukraine providing neonatal, gynecology and obstetrical services and the physician training center.


To help women to feel the happiness of motherhood and to emphasize their uniqueness and special role, providing care, attention and comfort.