LELEKA Maternity Hospital

LELEKA Maternity Hospital: contribution to the revival of the country

Feel the Happiness of motherhood together with LELEKA

Newborn Intensive Care

A team of experienced highly qualified neonatal professionals is involved in care process, such as observation and monitoring, developmental care, treatment and rehabilitation of newborns using world-class state-of-the-art neonatal care technologies.

Gynecologic Surgery

Women's health in safe hands!
Experienced doctors work in the department of operative gynecology of the LELEKA Maternity Hospital, which not only provide modern gynecological care at a high level, but also ensure that the woman feels comfortable and confident at any age.

LELEKA Maternity Hospital: a happy child - successful country!

The main task of the LELEKA Maternity Hospial - to help woman feel the happiness of motherhood and maximally emphasize her uniqueness, surrounded by comfort and attention!