Gynecologic Surgery

Gynecological Surgery: Safety and Efficacy

Both routine surgical procedures and emergency surgical treatment of gynecological diseases, which are currently one of the frequent reasons for women to seek medical attention, is carried out at LELEKA Maternity Hospital,

Words “surgical treatment” or “surgery” usually causes anxiety and fear especially among women! We are ready to ease your fears and give an assurance that gynecological surgery at LELEKA Maternity Hospital is performed using modern and highly effective methods that minimize postoperative problems, simplify the preparation for surgery and aimed at preserving female reproductive function.

LELEKA Maternity Hospital has accumulated exclusive opportunities to help any woman maintain her health, beauty and self-confidence at every age stage in any circumstances.

Gynecological surgery at LELEKA Maternity Hospital means diagnostic accuracy, timely treatment, and postoperative services.

Urgent assistance or emergency gynecological surgery is available 24/7

A team of obstetrician-gynecologists, anesthesiologists and other specialists ready to provide immediate assistance to patients with gynecological problems are on duty around the clock at LELEKA Maternity Hospital.

Urgent and emergency care services phone number: (044) 390-32-22

Thanks to modern and highly effective equipment, a doctor performs accurate diagnostic tests using laboratory and instrumental methods, including endoscopic ones, if necessary.

When the diagnosis has been made and confirmed, as well as the risks have been assessed, surgical treatment is prescribed. The treatment can be performed both by classical methods and using modern endoscopic technologies, such as laparoscopy, laparotomy, hysteroscopy and vaginal surgery. The latter have a number of advantages in comparison with the classical ones:

  • Minimal invasiveness (minimal intervention that, consequently, leads to a rapid recovery).
  • Same day surgery (if the patient`s physical condition is improved, she is discharged on the day of her procedure).
  • Not painful because of effective anesthesia (anesthesia is to be tailored to the individual patient depending on particular clinical situation).
  • Preservation of the reproductive function (endoscopic methods allow surgical procedures without damaging healthy tissues).
  • Low blood loss.
  • Minimal recovery time.


LELEKA Maternity Hospital is a reference example of a healthcare facility, where urgent gynecological care is provided at the highest level.

When do you need an immediate visit to gynecologist?

There are situations when a woman can afford to “think” for several days and plan a visit to her gynecologist at a convenient for her time. However, there are cases when thinking is not just harmful, but life threatening. In medical practice, a symptom that requires immediate care of a gynecologist is called “acute abdomen”. In addition, other symptoms make a woman consult with a specialist as early as possible.

What is an “acute abdomen”?

If abdominal pain comes on suddenly without any cause, without any factors that could cause discomfort, even if the general health is good, doctors use the term “acute abdomen”.
Please note that sudden abdominal pain can point to a variety of dangerous conditions (inflammation of the appendix, cholecystitis and others), but in many cases for women this is a sign of gynecological problems.

Symptoms of “acute abdomen” in gynecology:

  • pain begins in the lower abdomen;
  • gradual aggravation of pain;
  • pain spreading throughout the abdomen;
  • pain becomes aching, debilitating;
  • an acute attack of pain can cause fainting, nausea, vomiting;
  • the skin gets pale;
  • dizziness may occur;
  • heart rate increases;
  • temperature increase is possible;
  • flatulence, problems with the escape of gases;
  • altered bowel pattern (diarrhea, constipation);
  • depending on the problem that caused the symptoms, puriform discharge from the genital tract can appear, but this symptom may not be present.

What should you do in case of abdominal pain?

Call a doctor immediately! As a rule, patients with “acute abdomen” require hospitalization, thorough examination and urgent assistance, including surgery. The symptom can indicate the development of such dangerous conditions as ectopic pregnancy, ovarian apoplexy, rupture of the ovarian cyst, fallopian tube torsion, ovarian torsion and others.

In what cases is emergency surgery performed?

In many cases, gynecological surgical procedures are planned, but often there is a need for emergency surgical treatment. As a rule, patients with acute abdomen require urgent treatment. The symptoms can indicate the development of life-threatening conditions.

Planned surgical procedures in gynecology

In many cases, surgical treatment in gynecology is planned. In particular, surgical treatment is used to treat infertility before planning to have a baby. The most common causes of infertility that have to be surgically eliminated:

  • pelvic adhesions (may occur as a result of pelvic inflammatory diseases caused by infectious pathologies, effects of abortion, prolonged use of intrauterine device);
  • hydrosalpinx (blocked fallopian tubes as a result of salpingitis - inflammatory pathology of fallopian tubes);
  • endometriosis (proliferation of the tissue of the inner walls of the uterus outside this organ);;
  • ovarian cysts (ovarian tumors filled with fluid);
  • uterine fibroid (benign tumor located in the uterus).

In many cases, surgical treatment of the main gynecological disease makes it possible to conceive naturally. Planned surgical treatment is also an important component of successful IVF.