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Women's health is the key to youth, beauty and unfading charm. Health is the best gift!
LELEKA Maternity Hospital staff together with you is ready to take care of it and help the women to be self-confident.


GIFT CERTIFICATE is a valuable gift for your beloved wife, daughter, sister, friend, newlyweds, or just a woman. LELEKA Maternity Hospital offers GIFT CERTIFICATES in denominations of UAH 10,000, UAH 25,000, UAH 50,000, UAH 100,000 and/or UAH 150,000 for any services or package programs.

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to buy GIFT CERTIFICATES. The validity of the Certificate is 2 years.
UAH 10,000 Gift Certificate
UAH 25,000 Gift Certificate
UAH 50,000 Gift Certificate
UAH 100,000 Gift Certificate
UAH 150,000 Gift Certificate

Please note:
You can purchase Gift Certificates at the cashier's office in LELEKA Maternity Hospital, any banking center and online.
When buying online, you can print out the certificate and replace it with the beautifully designed Gift Certificate at LELEKA Maternity Hospital; when paying at a banking center, you can get it, if present your original purchase receipt.
Services are provided after presenting your Certificate and booking an appointment in advance. Your Gift Certificate can be used towards a service of equal value. If the selected service value is less than your Certificate value, the remaining balance can be used later. If the selected service value exceeds your Certificate value, you simply pay the difference.
This Certificate can be used to treat infertility at the Nadiya clinic.
The Certificate has a finite validity period.
No returns and no refunds on Gift Certificates during 2 years.
You may present your Certificate to someone else after submitting your request in writing. The Certificate that has not been used for a two-year period can be refunded.

For more information call us: (044) 390-34-44, 0 800 303 444.


The required payment amount: 9 500